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Why you should rent to own a car?

    If you’re looking for a new car or set of wheels but don’t have the best credit record, you may be wondering if the rent to own a car option is good for you. Read on to discover the benefits and disadvantages of the rent to own a car packages and you will then be able to make a better decision based on the facts.

    1. Introduction to rent to own a car

    Rent to own a car can be a great option if you have credit problems or you’re blacklisted and can’t get approved for a car loan through traditional channels, but it may not always be the best idea. However, in many circumstances, it may be the only option available to you.

    Rent to own a car deals are usually undertaken by car dealerships that own cars and are happy to take the risk of renting them on a permanent basis to an individual. Once the term of the agreement has been reached the dealership declares that the car has been fully paid for and hands full ownership of the vehicle to you. It is very similar in legal status to a bank deal but without the credit checks and other issues associated with bank deals.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering the option of a rent-to-own car.

    Rent to own a car

    2. Why rent to own a car?

    Renting to own a car is a great option for those who want to own a car but may not have the best credit score and have problems with getting a loan from banks or financial institutions. Perhaps you don’t have a credit record yet or your credit score is bad due to a previous difficult financial patch that you have been through. Maybe you are in debt review or even blacklisted. In these instances renting to own a car may be your only option available.

    Rent-to-own programs typically requires higher monthly payment than if you were to finance a car through a traditional lender. These higher payments usually do include additional benefits that a normal car deal would not include and therefore they should be taken into consideration when comparing the cost of both. In most cases, items such as car insurance, roadside assistance, and tracker are included in the deal and in your monthly payments. There are usually options to include warranty and service plans as well but these are optional extras.

    3. What are the pros and cons of rent to own a car

    If you’re thinking of entering into a rent-to-own agreement, it’s important to do your research and understand all the potential risks and rewards involved. Here are some of the main pros and cons involved in a rent-to-own a car deal.


    • No credit check
    • Blacklisted clients welcome
    • Wide choice of vehicles available
    • Insurance included
    • Tracker included
    • Roadside assistance
    • Fast approval
    • No balloon payments
    • No hidden costs


    • Higher monthly payments
    • Ownership only after end of term
    • Sometimes high deposit required

    4. How to get started with rent to own?

    Getting started with a rent-to-own car is simple. There are some basic requirements that you will need to meet.

    1. Valid drivers license
    2. Monthly income in excess of R12000.
    3. Deposit of R10 000 or more (depending on the vehicle you choose).

    If you are confident that you met the above requirements then you are ready to make an application and to finally get your own set of wheels.

    Contact Vinece on Whatsapp at 072 339 4623 and she will guide you through the application and advise what car choices are available and suitable for you. You can also send an email to if that is an easier option for you.

    5. FAQs about rent to own a car

    Do I need to have a driver’s license?

    A driver’s license is an essential requirement for purchasing a car. You do need to have a valid car license.

    Can I buy it without a deposit?

    A deposit is required in all rent-to-own-a-car deals.

    Are there any hidden costs?

    There are no hidden costs when you deal with

    When will the car be placed in my name?

    Once the final payment has been made at the end of your agreement term the car will be registered in your name and full ownership will be transferred to you.

    What if I get a fine?

    All fines are your responsibility from the day that you take possession of the vehicle.

    Who is responsible for maintenance?

    Unless you specifically take out a maintenance plan for the vehicle, you will be responsible for all maintenance on the vehicle. A maintenance plan is usually an optional extra.

    Can I settle the car early?

    Early settlement is always a possibility and is open to negotiation. Should you find that you are in a position to be able to settle the vehicle then simply contact the dealer where the vehicle has been sourced and negotiate a settlement.

    What happens if I can no longer pay?

    Should you find yourself in a position where you are no longer able to pay for the vehicle then advise the dealership. They will arrange to collect the vehicle from you.

    How long does it take before I get my car?

    Once all the required documents have been received you will usually have an answer within 24 hours.
    Once you accept you will be required to come pay your deposit, sign the agreements and collect your vehicle.

    Do I need to pay to apply?

    There is no application fee when you deal with

    7. To wrap things up about rent to own cars

    The option of a rent to own car is very attractive for clients who have experienced credit issues before. Banks are getting very tough on their lending requirements and often will not grant the required finance to you. Should you find yourself in a position where the banks do not wish to grant you finance for that set of wheels that you are after then please see if we can help you.

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