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About Rent To Own

About rent to own a car. Rent to own is a method through which those who are blacklisted, or who are not able to obtain credit through traditional channels, are able to purchase vehicles.

In South Africa owning your very own car is crucial due to the poor public transport infrastructure. This is combined with the large distances people need to travel in order to get to work or to do their shopping.

Persons who have previously defaulted on payments are often no longer able to obtain vehicle finance through regular channels and hence Rent To Own a car was birthed.

The rent to own a car now enables working South Africans to purchase a vehicle of their own regardless of their creditworthiness.

Our vision

Our Vision is simple. We would love to enable all South Africans to be able to purchase their very own motor vehicle. We believe that our unique rent-to-own system will allow more South Africans to become independent.

We further also supply a range of Bakkies that may be used to start up small businesses and we have options available for those wishing to run Uber vehicles.


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