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What is a rent to own car deal?

    Let me explain what is a rent to own car deal. Rent-to-own car deals are designed to help people who have credit problems to be able to own a car.

    There are no credit checks and no banks involved. This allows people who are under debt review, people who are blacklisted, or who have a bad credit record, to be able to buy a car. You will need to have a regular income of at least 15000 rands per month and you will need to supply 3 months’ bank statements and 3 months’ pay slips.

    The vehicles available for you to rent to own are used vehicles. There is a variety of car makes as well as some bakkies to choose from.

    Terms differ and can range from 48 to 72 months.

    The monthly installment includes fully comprehensive insurance and a vehicle tracker. There is a small deposit payable on the vehicle collection, which also varies from car to car

    For more information visit our website at rent 2 buy it or contact us on WhatsApp.

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