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Can Being Under Debt Review Prevent You From Buying a Car?

    Being under debt review can have a significant impact on your financial situation and ability to make certain purchases. One common concern for individuals under debt review is whether it will prevent them from buying a car. In this article, we will explore the implications of being under debt review and how it may affect your ability to purchase a car.

    Understanding Debt Review

    Debt review, also known as debt counseling, is a process designed to assist individuals who are struggling with debt. It involves the assessment of your financial situation by a debt counselor, who negotiates with your creditors on your behalf to create a manageable repayment plan.

    While under debt review, you make consolidated monthly payments to a payment distribution agency, which then distributes the funds to your creditors according to the agreed plan. This process provides relief by lowering your monthly debt repayments and protecting you from legal action by creditors.

    The Impact on Buying a Car

    Being under debt review does not necessarily prevent you from buying a car, but it may make the process more challenging. Here are a few factors to consider:

    1. Affordability:

    Under debt review, your disposable income is typically reduced as a result of the repayment plan. This means that you may have less money available each month to allocate towards a car payment. It is essential to assess your financial situation and determine whether you can comfortably afford the additional expense of a car loan.

    2. Credit Score:

    During the debt review process, your credit profile is flagged, indicating that you are under debt review. This flag can negatively impact your credit score and make it more challenging to obtain credit. Most lenders, including car finance providers, consider credit scores when assessing loan applications.

    While it may be more difficult to obtain car finance while under debt review, it is not impossible. Some specialized lenders cater to individuals with lower credit scores or those under debt review. However, it is important to note that these lenders may charge higher interest rates or require a larger down payment to mitigate their risk. Typically these specialized deals are termed rent-to-own cars and legally the ownership of the car is only transferred to you once the car is fully paid for.

    3. Debt Review Clearance Certificate:

    Once you have successfully completed the debt review process and settled all your debts, you will receive a debt review clearance certificate. This certificate indicates that you are no longer under debt review and can be presented to potential lenders as proof of your improved financial situation. Having this certificate can increase your chances of obtaining car finance on more favorable terms.

    Alternative Options

    If buying a car while under debt review seems unfeasible, there are alternative options to consider:

    1. Saving:

    Instead of taking on additional debt, consider saving money each month towards a car purchase. By saving diligently, you can accumulate a down payment and potentially buy a car outright without the need for financing.

    2. Public Transportation or Carpooling:

    If owning a car is not immediately necessary, you may explore alternative transportation options such as public transportation or carpooling. This can help you save money while you work towards improving your financial situation.

    3. Delaying the Purchase:

    If your financial circumstances do not allow for a car purchase at the moment, it may be wise to delay the purchase until you have successfully completed the debt review process and improved your credit score. This will give you a better chance of obtaining car finance on more favorable terms.


    While being under debt review can make buying a car more challenging, it does not necessarily prevent you from doing so. It is essential to assess your financial situation, consider the impact on your credit score, and explore alternative options if necessary. By making informed decisions and working towards improving your financial standing, you can eventually purchase a car even while under debt review.

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