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2013 VW Golf VII 1.4 TSI Comfortline for Sale

R 189 995.00

2013 VW Golf VII 1.4 TSI Comfortline for Sale in Cape Town

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About the 2013 VW Golf VII 1.4 TSI Comfortline

The 2013 VW Golf VII 1.4 TSI Comfortline is a versatile and well-rounded compact hatchback that perfectly encapsulates Volkswagen’s commitment to delivering quality, performance, and practicality. As the seventh generation of the iconic Golf series, this model embodies the German automaker’s continuous refinement and innovation, making it a popular choice among drivers seeking a dependable and enjoyable driving experience.

At first glance, the VW Golf VII 1.4 TSI Comfortline displays a modern and sleek design, featuring clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic. The compact dimensions make it easy to maneuver through city streets, while the hatchback body style adds practicality, offering ample cargo space for daily errands and weekend getaways. The Comfortline trim enhances the vehicle’s sophistication, adding extra touches of elegance and comfort to the overall package.

Under the hood, the Golf VII 1.4 TSI Comfortline boasts a spirited 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which strikes a fine balance between performance and fuel efficiency. With approximately 140 to 150 horsepower, this engine delivers lively acceleration and a responsive driving experience. The refined engine is mated to a smooth-shifting manual or automatic transmission, allowing for effortless gear changes and optimal fuel economy.

Step inside the cabin, and you’ll be greeted by a well-crafted and ergonomic interior that reflects Volkswagen’s attention to detail. High-quality materials and thoughtful design create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for both the driver and passengers. The supportive seats provide a pleasant seating position for long drives, while the user-friendly infotainment system keeps you connected and entertained during your journeys.

The 2013 VW Golf VII 1.4 TSI Comfortline is equipped with a range of convenience features, including power windows, air conditioning, and remote keyless entry. The audio system, complete with Bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary input, allows you to enjoy your favorite music or make hands-free calls on the go.

Safety is a top priority for Volkswagen, and the Golf VII 1.4 TSI Comfortline doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. It comes equipped with multiple airbags, electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, and other advanced safety features to provide peace of mind for you and your passengers.

On the road, the Golf VII 1.4 TSI Comfortline impresses with its composed and nimble handling, making it a joy to drive in both urban settings and on winding roads. The suspension strikes a good balance between comfort and sportiness, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.

In conclusion, the 2013 VW Golf VII 1.4 TSI Comfortline is a well-rounded and practical compact hatchback that offers an enjoyable driving experience, fuel efficiency, and a host of convenient features. Its timeless design, reliable performance, and reputation for quality make it a compelling choice for those seeking a versatile and dependable vehicle to accompany them on their daily adventures.

  • Listing ID: 4771
  • Vehicle Make: VW
  • Vehicle Model: Golf
  • Vehicle Type: Hatchback
  • Kilometers: 182174
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Engine Size: 1.4
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Goodwood,Western Cape,South Africa

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